About us

EJR-Aid believes that an educated and empowered people is essential to the growth of a nation


Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid, (EJ-AID) is a non-profit organization initiated to improve lives in our respective communities. It is internationally recognized that, society improves when everyone contributes. No development can take place without a sense of commitment and contribution from members of the society.

EJ-AID, formally flagged off in November 2017, provides assistance to the vulnerable and marginalized groups in Rivers State, Nigeria. Through its array of viable community projects, EJ-AID deploys a strategy that gives back to the society through education and empowerment whilst encouraging others to do likewise for an improved peaceful, loving, caring and harmonious society.

The Foundation exists as a conveyor of hope to the downtrodden, including the aged and ex-service personnel’s, through strategic support and empowerment programs organized in communities across Nigeria.