Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein is an Entrepreneur and philanthropist from a humble Jewish – Nigerian background. Born on the 18th of May 1993 to Mr. and Mrs. W. Isaac. She is compassionate and purposefully working towards leaving the world better than she met it.

Dr. Elizabeth is the Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Elin Group, and the subsidiaries: Elin Oil Services Ltd, ENE Gas and Power Ltd and Netanela Limited.

Her community development programs has also earned her an international recognition within the West Africa sub-region where she was awarded honorary doctorate degree in Leadership and Community Development in ISFOB (Institut Superieur de Formation Professionelle) Benin University, Cotonou, Republic of Benin. Dr. Elizabeth is also a business management and financial programmes student with Ramussen College Florida USA and Usam University, Port – Novo respectively.

It is her belief that, God’s blessings is a platform to impact the society positively and effectively.