What We Do

None of the challenging issues that we deal with will be resolved quickly.

EJR-AID is committed to the transformation of our communities by changing a life at a time. We work through existing community structures – community groups and youth groups to ensure transparency and fairness.

EJAIDS projects are categorized into 3 broad areas – 


Education – at EJR-AID, we believe education is the greatest investment for a great future. We provide opportunities for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups / individuals within our communities to attend quality education to create a better future.

EJR-Aid provides scholarship opportunities to orphans, children of widows, physically challenged persons etc. The scholarship covers the cost of secondary and tertiary education, according to each individuals needs

Economic Empowerment – to ensure our target beneficiaries enjoy a better future, we provide skill acquisition and business management trainings. Following our trainings, a seed support is provided to encourage startup of small and medium scale business.

Feeding – EJR-aid believes that a man that is hungry cannot benefit from any other intervention. Hence, we attend to the immediate needs of our beneficiaries by providing food items, household items and toiletries.

Recently, EJR-AID distributed 5000 packs of food and gift items to the marginalized in Rivers State